Pergolas and Arbors in Hayward

white pergola build on brick foundation surrounded by gardenMel’s Hayward Fence and Deck not only provides high quality fence and deck services, but we also built Pergolas and Arbors specifically designed for your home.

Pergolas and Arbors are the perfect additions to your garden. They can be used as shade canopy for walkways or patios, providing elegance while also protecting you from rain with their sheltering roofs!
A pergola is an excellent way add beauty and class onto any property – it complements other landscape features well by adding more style in specific areas where needed most like around pools, on pool houses (if there’s one), near outdoor kitchens/grills etc.. The best part about these structures? You don’t have limit yourself which type of design feature!


A pergola is a great addition to your outdoor space. They’re often found over a backyard patio, and can even serve as an excellent place for hosting gatherings with friends! Pergolas come in different styles – some that are made out Redwood or cedar wood; others may have more elaborate features such us lattice work on the sides which makes them look like trees themselves.

Pergolas and Arbors by Mel’s Hayward Fence and Deck also come in a variety of beautiful styles such as:

Gothic pergolas, Triangle pergolas, Round pergolas, Victorian pergolas, Square Pergolas.

Choose from several pergola styles and arbor types when deciding on the right addition for your home’s exterior space. Here is just a few ways composite pergolas and arbors can beautify your property:

– Supporting climbing vines, pergola adds privacy where it is needed most. It provides shade while allowing the breeze to flow from above and around.

If you’re looking for something that will make your home stand out, composite pergolas are just what the doctor ordered. They have a beautiful design and they can be used on their own or as an extension of any existing structure like an arbor or gazebo. You may want to think about these if durability is important but don’t care too much about how it looks because this type doesn’t take up too much space either way!
The color options give homeowners freedom when trying match other accents around such garden areas making them worth considering all year long


Arbors are excellent to use in the garden or against your home for decoration. They add elegance while creating shady areas during warm weather months, and can be built from a variety of redwood products including wood beams, posts lattice panels siding . Arbors often adorn patios and walkways as well when installed at their entrances; they set off these spaces with class and elegancy making them welcoming places that guests love visiting!

Redwood or cedar arbors are often used to frame an entryway or provide a unique focal point in your garden. They can also serve as an extension of the house giving you another place to entertain guests.

Composite Arbors and pergolas are available with different colors for their surface materials, or the option to paint them whatever color you choose.

Mel’s Hayward Fence and Deck offers pergola, arbor or composite pergola installation services throughout the Sunnyvale, California area including San Jose, Fremont, and Hayward.

No “do it yourself pergola kits” with us. We build our arbors and gazebos to the size you want, in a design that matches your space perfectly! From large structures for large spaces or small versions which can be taken down when they’re not needed anymore – all available from California’s best outdoor structure contractor: Mel’s Hayward Fence and Deck.

Best Pergola & Arbor Contractor

Mel’s Hayward Fence and Deck: Your dream patio cover is now a reality. Our durable, low maintenance covers provide excellent protection from the sun’s rays while allowing you to enjoy all year long! We have pergola contractors on staff for over 10 years who will build the outdoor space of your dreams with composite or cedar wood that has been stained according protect against elements like rainwater damage in addition provide shade under these structures when they’re not being used. Call us today about getting started building out exclusive backyard oasis – where only good times await!”